The Architect

Two lovers, love etched in a florid summer,
Love etched the face of this earth
Love smote a mark,
In the morning whisper of light,
He beheld her, was witness to her raw beauty.
None else stood with him.
Love stirred,
Love burnt,
Love sifted,
And motionless in his sleep, he smiled at her.
He’d birthed her, the labour was his.
And after the night he clothed her,
In colours her smooth skin he covered
In her tremulous dark eyes, fragile shades
It blurred her vision, pride smothered her smile,
She beheld and spurned her lover.
Now everyone marvels her and steps inside,
Silent she weeps, her lover never again will she find

Author’s Note: This is a metaphorical poem, the architect and his building appear as a man and his lover, signifying the lover the architect feels for his building. The poem cycles through him building the structure carefully, but in the end in the eyes of the building just becomes one of the many people who visit and marvel at her.