Wrapped around like a vast blanket
Under, over, ever changing, ever moving
Shape shifting, ever present, always fluid, never set,
Arrogance dives for a sliver, jealously guards that bit
Like a potter at the wheel, dictating, defining,
Cruelly setting limits
A rush of power, surging through
Man made weapons fashion what charcoal drew
The prison comes up, the hostage is hid
Strong vertical fortress, horizontal bars and a lid
The triumphant laugh gives way to a gasp
The mother surrounds the prison, the child in her clasp
You may confine me to any degree
But I define you, bound yet free

Author’s Note: The poem talks about the essential character of space, and how we architects in our greed and arrogance are destroying the very character of it. But no matter how hard we try to compartmentalise it, space still emerges the victor and ends up humbling us.