Slum of Hell to High Rise Cell

To make the world better and bright,
I worked harder day and night;

Dirty streets always stops my way,
Please have a look where I stay;

Among the pigs here I lie,
Well, you can better call it a style;

I saved from my daily bread,
to leave this place of wreak and dread;

At last I will be free from the constrains of a 4×6 box,
At last the burden of deteorating wall fix will go off;

My flat is ready, I got a call,
Here I come walking tall;
Let the jealous world dry,
They will see a bird flying high in sky,

But, what is this ,why no one come to this house,
When will I call this 8×12, my home;

Doors and windows ever kept shut,
There is this lonely feeling in my gut;

No one ring my resting bell ,
here I live in this high rise cell;

In the hell hole I rot with boredom,
Well I was wrong about this so called freedom;

I hated being looked upon,
yet, happy life went on;

The world is all happy and gay,
Flowers grow to blossom, when I pray;

The cloth that covers your body,
Never leave it said my daddy;

See, we are all alike,
I was satisfied with my 4×6 wife;

Put these words in your tides,
The grass is greener on the other side.