Man Made Paradise

The skyscraper age is not an edifice,
Man made dwellings, built in lonesome majesty.
Propped up universally like a sapient rhythm,
Shows heaven that earth can take the challenge.

To built the lost masterpiece of dreams and vision,
Glass buildings takes shape in its arts form.
Pyramids, Titanic ship, and satellite,
Remains, stand stood in its building forms.

This is what’s called man made paradise.,
Grounded in landscape is the architectural delight.
Concurring to make bridges and flyovers,
Connecting each destination like the fast and the furious.

Time is short, Time is running,
More things to do, it’s a techno world.
Swimming in the sea of Time,
Each day as we wake up,
We see a new building in the sky.

Author’s Note: This poem is in regards to the buildings, man has created over the past. how from just a dwelling, to a sckyscraper. we are in a fantasy world of new and fancy building.