Life of a House

With a bang and a clash, his wooden bones were erected.
With skill and ability the plaster skin was applied
And then, something quite unexpected
The house breathed a breath, it was alive
Through the years he watched with joy
As the families came and went
but sometimes how those kids could annoy
The house screamed a silent scream of pain
As his skin was peeled away and his bones of wood were broken
Throughout the ordeal he never did complain
The addition made him so much more then mundane
One day the workers returned, the house took it in stride
They pounded and hammered eventually their work did subside
A brand new garage was standing tall by his side
“He does have my roofline” the house beamed with pride
Years went by the house fell to disarray
in the storms he would bend and sway
the families were long gone now all of them have gone away
the crushing loneliness gave way to sadness, the sadness drove him to madness
Again, the workers come to rebuild what was neglected
But the mad house will teach them, teach them all
What it feels to be rejected

Author’s Note: This poem recites the story of an ordinary house, as it goes through the various changes in its lifetime and how it feels about it. The renovations, new constructions, new families, new experiences but in the end its the same old house frustrated and angry with same old monotonous life.