Is High Rise Wise?

Stands tall beyond the heights,
Attempting to touch the skies,
Competing with the fellow neighbours,
Steel & Glass is all that favours.

Higher & Higher as it goes,
Effects the nature but no one knows,
Old is destroyed to make the new,
And those who sustain remains a few.

One can see the growing tradition,
Sunlight decides the area division,
As land becomes a cause of fight,
Quarrels are on for Air ,Water & Light

Nature seems to become a history,
As man is still confused in the mystery,
But this fever , as it rise,
No one acts as Earth alone cries.

Author’s Note: The poem is about the High Rise fever and its impact on the surroundings and the nature . With high rise being blindly followed without a much deeper thought , it is the earth that suffers as environment poses a much greater concern .