In Search of a Solution

Sleepless nights I have, wondering where I can make things better.
What I can do to make the experience worthwhile? What I can do to connect things together.
I stare at all I can find, hopeless, in search of a solution, to a dilemma created for myself.
I wonder if you all feel the same way?
Do your hands refuse to draft a line which does not add to the feel?

Do you see it in every dream, every day?
Or do you contently sleep while I lie awake?
Does it kill you to not have a view from every window?
Does it matter if your corridors turn too far away?
Is it fair to let them get lost on our sites?
Do you too lie awake in the search for a solution?

Author’s Note: the poem talks about my biggest dilemma in design, am I giving a character to each space I design? And aloud I think if everyone is questioning like me?