Dubai Cat-Copying

Sun, sand & sea work up a magic
Up comes a city oozing with life
Mean man tries to poke in something tragic
Nature & concrete get into strife
Now the skyscrapers meet the gaze
The erstwhile palms once formed a maze
Those palms now stand mercilessly butchered
The forced architecture has now ushered

Dubai rises to become another Miami
Or probably it’s another Suffolk-in-making
Palms shiver
Structures rise
The cornered oceans flow
Urbanization creeps in
The modern art follows

But does the wind blow
Probably it does
But where are the sun, the sea & the sand
The three once ruled the land
Only to be ousted by the architect’s stand

No hard feelings for art
No hard feelings for its practitioner
But do we really need an imitated architecture ?

Water-water, all around
Sand the other stretch, no place we found
Still greedy, what to do
Build in this desert, a mighty igloo !!!

Author’s Note: Dubai has become a wild playground. Global players are roping in to create modern wonders. The quest is to win. Nobody is caring about the rules of the game…