Computer in Architecture

Possible are those forms,
That are beyond all the old norms
Pencils have become mouse,
Its now easier to build any house
Computer graphics, scripts, parameters,
Are the new craze in architecture
As thus generated 3d modeling,
Can be the best solution of building
Still some people are hesitant to use,
Maybe its their inability to operate or fear to lose
Stability of a building is known,
Even before the first brick is thrown
Parameters can be wind direction, sun angle or thickness of wall,
Computer can take care of them all
And thus evolved design,
Works on all areas fine
Truly, the use of computer,
Is changing the face of architecture

Author’s Note: The poem explores how the use of computers is effecting architecture. A complete working building can be made virtually .Different softwares help in making plans, models, structural systems , resistance to natural calamities of buildings before the building is made.