Birds I View

I am a bird
strong, agile, eager and free.
As free as my freedom
permits me.

But, now exhausted
searching for a new abode,
I landed on to a tree
beside a busy road.

Down there no one
halted as I did,
although on the road
everything appeared static.

Listless, as the colored tin
boxes on the road lie
with swarm of people
moving by…

While some waited
impatiently beneath;
some hustled into
a grey giants mouth.

What are they searching for…
as I pondered over the tree
I can fly to where I want
I am so free…!!!

And then…
Caught by a livid thought;
I flewdown towards the giant
to get my birds eye view.

So huge, so big
at the base,
it converged to a point
at the face.

Towards the top,
I took my flight,
fluttering my wings
with all might.

Full with velocity,
as my sensation die;
my body’s numb with
winds gushing by.

Higher, higher, higher
and I am almost there.
Unless, I don’t look down
there’s nothing to fear.

Why what’s that, I suddenly
come to a halt,
barely missing the overhang
of the parapet wall.

Leadened with the load
of my own head,
I clinged on to the
obstacle left unsaid.

Beyond the wall
there’s horizon endless.
A sense of space…
my heart full of eagerness.

Over the edge,
I leaned down
to see the picture
of the entire town
The awe of the scene

that I cant deny
Giants over green clouds
and tiny ants crawling by.

I am high. As high

as high can be.

I can see everyone but
no one can see me.

With this,
I took off for another
flight with lure
and sense of freedom
never before so pure…