Architecture Above the Ground

Aaj jamin par hain to kal aasman mein bhi honge,
Aaj landscape hain to kal skyscape bhi honge,
Gujar gaye wo din jab rengte the jamin par,
Aaj ‘pair’ hain to kal ‘par’ bhi honge,
Ek inch jagah na ho jamin par kal wo pal bhi honge,
Do – tihai prithvi ke jal par kal mahal bhi honge,
Kal jab dharti aur samandar ke hriday bhar jayenge,
Tab sar chhupane ke liye vishwayuddh bhi honge,
Prithvi ke andar bhi shola hai,
Kal tak shole upar bhi honge ,
Agar aaj jamin par jaga na mili to,
Kal naye avsar chand par bhi honge.

Author’s Note: The poem searches for scopes of dwelling other than on the earth .it talks about the present situation in which there is scarcity of habitable land .in such a condition how people can search for houses on water and in the sky . in near future there may be possibility that lack of space forces people to build dwellings on the moon itself.