An Architectural Love Letter

For you my sleep and social life I’ve surrendered
Yet I’m so afraid to say
But I work with all my soul and wonder
About the marks I will get the next day.

I want to cuddle up in bed at night
But my mind is full of thoughts
And as darkness seeps in and engulfs the light
I know I have to finish my submission no matter what.

My designs should seem like paradise
My sheets are by my side
My models are all I can see when I close my eyes
I dream of them with pride.

We’re always together, me and you, my college
And though our moments with each other are few
Never will I walk into another haven of knowledge

Without wishing it was you.
I’ve never given away my peace so completely
Never drawn so much before
And when I leave the college for the last time I will turn back and see
The fixing details of the doors.

Will my buildings ever stand on the earth’s face?
Will my designs ever become reality?
Will my sleepless nights ever become well-paid days?
Or do I need to wait till eternity?
Procrastination is one of my many flaws
But when I design my heartbeat spells out a feeling so content
I was sent to earth with a cause
To work through my imperfections and make the world perfect.

Author’s Note: My poem is a satire that talks about the hectic lives that we architecture students lead. It is true that many, if not all, of us have given up on trying to maintain a healthy social life. We work through the night watching the people around us sleep comfortably in their warm beds, while all we can do is pray that our effort brings us good marks. Thanks to the competition with our classmates, we constantly try to better our designs, trying to make them heavenly, and trying to bring good models and presentable sheets.By the time we reach a certain point of time in the college, we do start eating, sleeping, drinking architecture, especially right before our jury. And, after that point of time, even when we are all set to graduate, we don’t have the mind-set to stop and miss our alma-mater, but rather admire the impeccable architecture and construction details of the building.
In spite of all we complain about, we do love our college and our course, and want to get over all our ‘issues’ to make the world a better and more beautiful place to live in.