Luxe Conscious – A Mumbai Apartment by ZZ Architects

ZZ Architects Krupa Zubin Zainuddin Contemporary Apartments Maheshwari Beaumonde Prabhadevi Mumbai 04

Located in one of the prime residential spaces of Mumbai, this 5000 sq.ft. apartment commands magnificent views of the central city and surrounding. Somber hues, Rich material palette, unconventional sizing, technology and universality, these are the words which define this Mumbai apartment.
The aim was to create a universally acceptable design language that exuded sophistication for an end user that would not necessarily be constant.
Voluminous sofas were custom-designed to suit the generous proportions of the living area, which is outfitted in rather somber hues of black, grey, beige and brown. The two level center table is done in a mix of marble and wood.

Technology is one of those universal ingredients that give this home its generic nature. The electrical fittings are not scattered all over. Instead, the electrical devices are looped in to a single control panel in the bar area and remotes let you flip switches irrespective of which corner of the house you happen to be.

A sheet of onyx with backlit edges, framed by a veneered recess at the lobby offers hints of the material palette that flows through the residence.

The walnut wood pattern of the veneer panels on the dining room walls are repeated on the dining table top and lacquer polished. Onyx, air and veneer form three layers of a portal between the living and dining areas.
Sleek and streamlined, the contemporary kitchen is as functionally efficient as it is elegant.

Contrasts make for a bit of drama in the marble and veneer bar table as well as a copper-flecked cork wallpaper inset into a wall coated in textured black wallpaper.
Wood and veneer strike dominant notes at the entrance to the master bedroom where an oval wooden table appears to float slightly off the ground.

Each of the four spacious bedrooms features a cosy seating space and an entertainment unit. Fabric with a leaf imprint sandwiched in glass, adds life to an otherwise staid veneer coated wardrobe.

Subdued furnishings complement white walls. Marble, onyx, a multiplicity of veneers with varying wood grains… the material palette, though rich, is controlled. The challenge was to draw a sense of luxury into the project, despite not having any drama in the civil work, flooring or ceiling. Recessed insets of copper-flecked cork and portals of onyx keeps things interesting.