Top Reasons to Purchase a Waterfront Property in Pensacola

Not one person can deny that living in waterfront properties is a refreshing and marvellous experience. So many of us go on vacations close to the seas, specifically to get to the coasts and feel the ocean breeze as the shimmering waves splash against the shore. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could own property on such a waterfront?

Surrounded by the Santa Rosa Sound to the north, the Gulf of Mexico to the south and on either side by the federally-protected Gulf Islands National Seashore; Pensacola takes pride in its pristine and relaxing beaches. Pensacola is encircled by 50-plus miles of coastline with emerald green waters and crystal-clear bay areas. What’s even more enthralling is that you can buy a property here!

Purchasing a property is an intimidating task that involves searching for houses, shortlisting the most relevant ones, negotiating with the owner and so much more. All of this can turn challenging in no time. However, with a reliable realty service at your assistance; you can carry out the entire process of purchasing a property with the utmost ease.

If you are here; you already must’ve given a thought to purchasing waterfront property in Pensacola. You might have your doubts and dilemmas. Hopefully; at the end of the article, you will be able to frame a better opinion and make an informed decision.

Here we have compiled 11 reasons to purchase a waterfront property:

1. Waterfront Living

First comes first; It can’t be emphasised enough how waterfront living offers the most superior quality of life. Pensacola features gorgeous, clear blue-green waters and silky-white sands that fill you with tranquillity. Living on waterfront property, you will be exposed to beautiful ecosystems and get a truly interesting glimpse of what nature has to offer. The waterfront offers a variety of incredible, limitless views and sceneries.

Now you have the chance to own a waterfront property in Pensacola due to its easy access and affordability. Contact our real estate agent today to know more.

2. Weather at Pensacola

The one reason that Pensacola is frowned upon is for its highly hot temperatures. Pensacola is often called the sunshine state due to its scorching heat. The temperatures during the months of June, July and August specifically; can get overwhelming for people living in Pensacola. When you get a waterfront property, this one flaw of Pensacola is eradicated.

Since waterfront homes have a very close proximity to the sea, the weather is relatively cooler for most part of the year. The sea offers a cool breeze and heat is well-balanced by the blues. The morning and evening weathers especially are very pleasant, making waterfront properties at Pensacola very desirable.

3. Pensacola is Rated One of the Best Cities in Florida

Pensacola is a very highly rated city in Florida. There are several reasons for this; few of which are:

  • Immense diversity and promotion of varied cultures: Since Pensacola is a diverse city; you as an outsider, will never feel like one. It is a very accepting city.
  • Nightlife and outdoor activities: Pensacola is pretty much a city that never sleeps. Clubs, resto-bars, lively night markets and food stalls give the perfect night life that one craves. There are several outdoor activities one can undertake at Pensacola; especially living at a waterfront where you get access to numerous water activities.
  • Commute: Though Pensacola isn’t located at the centre of Florida; the commute systems are so well-developed that you never have to struggle with travel. The Escambia County Area Transit offers bus services throughout the region of Pensacola. Trains also are frequently available. The transportation is not only safe but also convenient.
  • Good for families: Pensacola is a very good choice to settle if you aim to raise a family in Florida. It has something to offer for everyone no matter what their interest is, making it an ideal place for families. A waterfront property especially will get your family the best of everything.

4. Recreational Activities

If adventures define your lifestyle; you should purchase a waterfront property. Pensacola offers water sport rentals, surfing, snorkelling and diving, sailing and parasailing, biking, fishing and so much more! You will have innumerable recreational activities at your beck and call. Life can never get monotonous and dull when you live by the waterfront!

5. Health Benefits

The beauty of the waterfront lifestyle doesn’t spare us time to think about the health benefits that living by the ocean offers. Waterfronts offer you enough space to walk and exercise in a safe environment, thereby, giving you the chance to improve your physical health. When it comes to mental health; the benefits derived are numerous.

The waves crashing against the shore, the blue shades, and the ocean breeze; all collectively create a calming effect. After a stressful day, you can always feel rejuvenated when you reach your waterfront home. The wave sounds have the potential to put you to sleep instantly. In addition to improved mood and emotional well-being, the quality of the air you breathe in is superior and you get sufficient sunlight which is important for a healthy life. All of this comprehensively reduces the risk of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, which increases lifespan.

6. Amenities

Most things that are pleasurable and desirable do not provide functionality. The waterfront in Pensacola is strong evidence against this statement. As mentioned before, the transportation from the Pensacola waterfront is very well developed, allowing you to reach your organisation within a short span of time. You as a property owner at Pensacola can expect the utmost in energy, efficiency and luxury. Pensacola, while remaining studded in nature, offers a thriving scene of nightlife, restaurants, art galleries, and more. Therefore, the popular notion of being close to nature implies underdevelopment is completely eradicated. Pensacola waterfront offers the perfect balance of nature and urbanisation.

7. Excellent Employment Opportunities

Pensacola waterfronts erase the fact that an individual can’t live a chilled-out life while handling a job. Living on the beach and having a job? Impossible! But wait, Pensacola waterfronts actually can provide you this lifestyle! These waterfront properties don’t just offer a laid-back life but they also have excellent employment opportunities. Pensacola has a small population, which allows just enough employment opportunities for each and every resident. There is a job for every skilled or unskilled worker that can help them meet their needs. Beginners, Tradesman, engineers, health care providers, lawyers everyone can find something to work on.

8. Good School Districts

If you are moving to Pensacola waterfronts with your family, schools might be a concern for you. If so, then you’ll be relieved and glad to know that Pensacola nestles an impressive public education system that consistently ranks above average by many different metrics. It has excellent elementary, middle and high schools. You can rest assured that your child gets superior quality education and grows positively.

9. Monetary Aspects

Finances play quite a significant role when you want to buy property. Not only is the price you invest involved but taxes, return on investment, and several other additional costs are to be considered. When it comes to Pensacola, you get benefits in every aspect. First of all, the city offers affordable real estate. You can buy a property fitting your budget and reside comfortably.

However, what if you do not want to relocate and just invest? In that case, Pensacola waterfronts are a feasible option since you can always rent out your property as a holiday stay. Pensacola is home to a number of historic landmarks, museums, events, and festivals, which results in a constant influx of tourists, making your property a valuable asset and a reliable source of income.

10. Cost of Living is Affordable

As discussed before; the property prices at Pensacola are very affordable but this is not a good enough reason to buy a house in Pensacola. Everyday costs are often overlooked in excitement and then can cause financial strain in no time. What if you manage to buy a house and end up having low funds to fulfil your basic needs? Pensacola offers not only affordable housing but also affordable costs of living. Food, healthcare, shopping; all are pretty inexpensive, making your daily life easy.

11. An Increase in Property Value is Surely a Guarantee

In the past decade, the property prices in Pensacola have gone up by about 50% which is a staggering figure! It won’t be wrong to expect a greater increase in real estate markets in the coming years.
The real estate market of Pensacola is very promising, especially, waterfront properties which are scarce and are fancied; have the highest appreciation, which guarantees profit on the sale. A cherry on top of this all is that there is no state income tax in Florida! An aspiring investor will make the most of all these opportunities.

Peace, amusements, and elevated well-being; all can be found in one place! Dreamy, isn’t it? When you can live the countryside life you always craved so smoothly; why delay!