Majed Veysel – The Master Photographer of Modern Architecture

Mehmet Majed Veysel, popularly known as Majed Veysel is a 25-year old architect, designer, and photographer. He loves traveling and exploring new places. This adds up to his passion for clicking pictures and helps him update his picture feed regularly.

As a child, Majed loved drawing and clicking pictures. While growing up, he turned his hobbies into his passion and mastered them both at a young age.


He graduated high school in 2012 from American School in Syria.

He earned a degree in architecture from Bahcesehir Universitesi in Turkey post which he registered as an architect in the Chamber of Architects of Turkey.

In 2016, he was awarded the First Consul Made In Italy Brand Ambassador Certification From the International Academy of Rome. He received this from Anna Fendi, Hicham Benmbarek, Pink Tedesco, Tina Vannini, Luca Curci, Hicran Topcu, and Francesca De Palo.

As of 2020, he is pursuing masters in architecture for sustainable design from Politecnico Di Torino in Italy.

Work Experience As An Architect

He interned at renowned architecture firms in Rome and Istanbul.

He also worked as a site construction architect at Eroglu Holding. He had the privilege of working as an architect for Turkey’s highest skyscraper, Skyland Istanbul.

Modern Architecture Photography

He devoted enough time to his other passion, photography. His travel diaries include places such as Austria, Turkey, Italy, and Switzerland. He makes them open for everyone on his Instagram handle which currently has over a hundred thousand followers.

He sets an example to all of us that by keeping up the consistency, one can achieve impossible heights and recognition for one’s hard work.

His photography skills are very much on point that they can beautify mere coffee beans or express the soul of both modern and historic buildings. His work has proved that subjects do not matter if one has adequate skills.

Historic buildings have been subject to photographers for ages. But Majed has managed to capture the beauty in the symmetry of modern buildings too. He is probably one of the first photographers who made this niche popular.

Staying behind the lens, he captures the soul of modern architecture and gives us a ton of stories to unveil from each. Majed believes that black and white photos make the audience think deeper and that explains why most of his pictures are only in black and white.

If you’ve ever thought a building has nothing artistic about it, wait until you see how Majed captured it with his camera. His work gives us new dimensions to look at things from.

Majed Veysel’s skills convinced Adobe to publish his work on Optical Illusion in 2017. Four of his other works also got published by famous academies.

Majed Veysel is now a big name in the industry with a loyal fan base out of whom many aspire to become like him.

Despite being highly talented, Majed likes to collaborate with other artists and entertains his audience with new shots often.

Majed states that Pablo Picasso has inspired him a lot. Looks like this youngster will be an inspiration for the aspiring modern era photographers. The future generation of architecture photographers might thank him for leaving a legacy.