How to Remodel a Plain-Old House into a Stylish-New Design

Renovating an old house is a significant project. It not only demands time and money but also a strong will and discipline.

Lemon Home a home-design company specialize in renovating old houses into ultra-modern homes. This Basel based startup has gained a remarkable reputation for “house makeovers”. The houses transformed by the Lemon Home’s ingenious interior and exterior designs fetch about the same value in the market as a new house would.

Once you’ve chosen to transform the house to a stylish vista, you have to remain loyal to the purpose. But first you should know where to begin, and what to do. And more importantly, what not to do!

Here’s a quick guide that will introduce the nitty-gritties of a home makeover project. We are certain that these tips will help you stay on the right track and achieve the look you desire for your home!

Design & Planning

You can’t take down the house just like, without a plan or design in mind. Before taking up remodeling, you should be very clear of the changes you’ll be implementing.

Remodeling doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be changing everything. There may be sections of the house that might have been recently renovated and can blend well in a modern house plan.

Whether your preference is for a grand home or a minimalist living space, you’ll find a number of inspiring ideas on the internet. If there are any design inspirations you’d particularly like to follow, hiring a professional can help you accomplish the dream home design.

Handle larger projects first

While undertaking the remodeling project, you’ll have to take great care about the order in which the work progresses. You should first get done with the larger projects before taking up the one that needs more detailing. These major works include repairs works for the roof or the foundation, and replacing damaged windows and sidings. If the windows and sidings are not severely damaged and just need a little bit of fixing, the job can be well handled with the rest of the interiors.

Installation of services

Usually the remodeling project will involve changes to the house’s electrical and plumbing lines, or the HVAC ducts. Alterations in the layout of these vital services will be inevitable if you’re significantly refashioning the style and structure of the house.

Installation of any electrical lines or circuitry is best done when the walls and ceiling are accessible. Same goes for the plumbing pipes and fittings. It is also advisable to get the electrician and the plumber on the job to look for any foreseeable repairs. Contact an HVAC company for installing ductwork for your homes air conditioning and heating.

Interior and carpentry work

Once the services are installed, you can start with the finer aspects of your home’s remodeling. The fine carpentry work and interior design will bear the most impact on what kind of style the house will reflect.

Fine carpentry involves finishing of doors and windows and fixing any built-in wooden elements like bookcases, shelves and compartments.

Choosing and executing the elements of interior design will give more definition to the style you’re aiming for. Interior design elements include wallpaper design, wall and wood paint, lighting etc. We recommend that you choose from the trending interior styles for a chic and stylish look.

Finish with the flooring

The flooring will most likely be exposed to some rough treatment while the rest of the works are being carried out. That’s why installation of the new flooring or polishing the existing one, should be done only after you’ve taken care of the interior finishes. If you’ve chosen to completely change the flooring, make sure that the old flooring should’ve been pulled out after completing the major works (discussed above).

Auxiliary works

These additions impart a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere to the house. Auxiliary building works can work wonders in a home transformation project. Adding elements like patio sitting, outdoor kitchen or a swimming pool to your house are popular choices amongst people renovating their plain-old homes. If there are space constraints, you can consider elements like a terrace garden, garden landscaping, indoor fountains etc.