The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Chair Furniture

There’s nothing better than sitting on your patio chair and letting the outdoors wash over you. But to achieve that state of pure bliss, you need some good outdoor chair furniture. But forget those plain and flimsy plastic types; you and your patio deserve better.

The perfect outdoor lounge chairs combine function, durability, and style to provide you with comfort and boost the aesthetics of your outdoor oasis. Want to know more about how to choose the right chairs? This guide will answer your questions and more!

Choosing the Right Material for Your Outdoor Chairs

The first thing you need to focus on is the material. What the patio chair is made of can make or break your experience and the overall look of your outdoor space. Consider these material types when searching for outdoor chair furniture:


Want something lightweight, affordable, and weather-resistant? Get a set of poly chairs! Eco-friendly poly chairs are a fantastic choice for your outdoor area. Crafted from recycled plastics or poly lumber, they reduce environmental impact. Plus, their diverse sizes, colors, and designs can complement any home’s aesthetic.

However, poly chairs can feel frail and sometimes uncomfortable for extended sitting. So, for outdoor seating with a longer lifespan, seek reputable poly chair brands known for their craftsmanship.


Craving outdoor chairs that can withstand the elements? Teak chairs fit the bill perfectly. Their rich, warm tones and natural oils repel moisture and pests. Incredibly durable, teak also lasts for years, a dream for those tired of constantly replacing patio furniture.

However, despite its best qualities, teak is quite pricey compared to other patio chair materials. You may also need to oil your teak chairs occasionally.


An aluminum lounge chair may be a perfect choice for outdoor spaces with a pool. Like poly lumber, it’s lightweight and great for poolside lounging, thanks to its rust-resistant features.

One downside to an aluminum patio chair, however, is that it gets hot quickly if left under the sun. 


Do you prefer a classic look for your patio chair choices? Turn to wicker! Wicker lounge chairs offer a natural, elegant, and rustic charm to your outdoor space.

However, natural wicker is only durable and requires proper and frequent maintenance. It’s not a water-resistant material, so you’ll need to store wicker patio chairs indoors or cover them when it rains or snows. 

Comfort is Key: Selecting Chairs for Relaxation

After deciding on a material, next on your agenda is comfort. Your outdoor chair furniture should beckon you to sit down and relax for hours, not push you away in search of your couch. Here’s what to look for in ergonomic chairs that support your body:

  • Seat depth and width: Aim for outdoor chairs with a seat depth of at least 16 inches. It should also have a width that allows you to sit comfortably without squeezing or cramping your body.
  • Supportive backrests: A good patio chair still supports your posture as you lounge. So, consider chairs with backrests that reach your mid-back. Options with reclining features and lumbar support are also fine choices.
  • Armrests for added comfort: If you’re looking for more body support, go for patio chairs with armrests. These parts can take the strain off your shoulders so you can lounge in extra comfort.

No matter how comfy your outdoor patio furniture is, don’t hesitate to include cushions! These accessories can boost comfort and add to the aesthetics of your patio. Opt for water-resistant cushions made with quick-drying materials like acrylic or polyester and a thickness that provides ample support without being too plush.

Style Your Outdoor Space: Matching Chairs to Your Aesthetic

Comfort and material may be important, but it also pays to choose patio chairs that complement your home’s exterior. What outdoor aesthetic are you after? Take these ideas, for example:

  • Modern, Traditional, or Rustic? Contemporary styles feature clean lines and sleek materials like aluminum or woven resin. Meanwhile, traditional styles offer timeless elegance with wrought iron or teak furniture. Rustic settings, on the other hand, call for natural textures like wicker or wood.
  • Matching Your Surroundings: When choosing outdoor seating, consider your home’s architectural style and the surrounding landscape. For instance, a beachy patio theme might call for wicker chairs in calming blue tones, while a modern patio might benefit from polished black aluminum chairs.
  • Color and Pattern: Don’t underestimate the power of color! Bright chairs can add a pop of personality, while neutral tones create a more calming ambiance. You can also incorporate patterned cushions to give a touch of visual interest to your patio chairs.

Remember to consider the space of your area, too. It would be a shame if you bought a huge set of outdoor lounge chairs only to be able to put one or two pieces. So, take your time assessing various factors while designing your outdoor seating area so every piece of your patio furniture has a place to stay.

Functionality Matters: Features to Enhance Your Outdoor Experience

Sometimes, simplicity is enough. However, for your outdoor chair furniture, some additional beneficial features can boost enjoyment and convenience. When shopping for outdoor chairs, keep an eye out for these handy features:

  • Stackability: Living in a smaller space? Stackable chairs are lifesavers; they’re a space-saving solution, allowing you to neatly store them away when not needed.
  • Foldability: Frequent beachgoers and travelers will enjoy a set of folding chairs. Even if you aren’t always on the go, folding chairs are portable enough to set up for occasional pool parties and backyard barbecues.
  • Built-in cup holders or side tables: Patio chairs with these two useful features could save you money. With a built-in cup holder or a side table attached, you might not need to buy an extra set of outdoor coffee tables. They’re fantastic for lazy afternoons spent soaking up the sun!
  • Swing or swivel chair or hammocks: Want to impress your guests? Try something fun, like a swivel chair in your outdoor lounge area. Or perhaps, why not add a hammock or two? These relaxing additions complement your patio set while offering extra seating for guests.

Your outdoor seating doesn’t have to be boring; while its main purpose is to provide people with somewhere to sit, it can also be an accessory.

Wrapping Up

Your backyard or patio could do well with a high-quality set of outdoor chair furniture. Let this ultimate guide kickstart your hunt for the perfect outdoor chairs – ones that check every box on your wish list. With the ideal seating, you’ll curate an irresistibly inviting oasis beckoning you to relax and unwind.