What are Corner Clamps: Everything You Should Know About Corner Clamps

Corner clamps are also referred to as angle clamps, they are used on corner angles, or sides having 45 degrees or 90-degree angle. With their perfect design and shape, they can accommodate any projects efficiently and are used for joining miter joints. Their angles help you create a long-lasting and strong connection between two wood pieces.

The main purpose of clamps basically is to keep the two or more pieces of wood or any other material in place while you work on them while doing a project. Corner clamps specifically are designed to offer an enhanced level of efficiency and help you secure objects in place.

Types of Corner Clamps

To use corner clamps effectively, it is always best to learn about their types to have a basic understanding of their capabilities and how they perform.

Single Screw Corner Clamps

Single Screw Corner Clamps are designed with a single screw and hence the name. The said screw controls every movement of the jaw of the clamp. Different part of the clamps that forms the two joins can pivot so that the clamp can tightly hold the different wood pieces together and you can have a perfectly straight joint. You can avail these corner clamps in light-duty and heavy-duty clamps depending upon your project requirement.

Double Screw Corner Clamps

As the name suggests, the Double Screw Corner clamp is made of two screws. These two screws control the movement of both the jaws and they can be adjusted to accommodate your project needs. The square side of the clamp helps you make sure that the workpiece is joined at a perfect 90-degree angle. These corner clamps are also used in pairs to ensure the assembling of the opposite corners.

Quick Release Corner Clamps

Quick Release Corner Clamps are not very different from your regular corner clamps except for the part where it has a quick-release handle that allows you to set the clamp in place and remove it quickly once you have secured the corner.

Welding Corner Clamp

Welding Corner Clamps are heavy-duty ones that are used specifically for welding corners. They have a very strong design and hence are able to bear a lot of weight and pressure.

What Kind of Joinery You Can Do With A Corner Clamp

Corner Clamps can be used for making a variety of joinery such as:


T-joints, as the name suggests, resemble the shape of the letter “T”. While doing this joinery the pieces are permanently stuck together using a strong adhesive.

Mitre Joints

A miter joint is formed by putting two parts together. Like, two 45-degrees pieces are put together to form a 90-degree joint. Corner clamps are perfect for this kind of joinery owing to their shape.

Butt Joints

Butt Joints are formed when two wood pieces with square edges are put together by their abutting ends. This is regarded as a weak joint but they can be easily created with a corner clamp.

Where You Can Buy Corner Clamp?

Corner Clamps can be easily available in your nearby hardware store, but to ensure you are getting only the highest quality clamp at the most competitive price, you should check out Corner Clamps by BOSS. Boss Easy clamp offers a wide range of clamps in every possible type and shapes with a promise of quality and durability.