The Essential Building Maintenance Checklist

In 2021 the cost of maintaining a home was 15% higher than the year before, according to market analysis conducted by London estate agency Benham and Reeves, as reported by Property Reporter.

At the best of times, building repairs can be a costly undertaking. But at least repairs are cheaper and easier than large restorations. Whose costs are amplified for older buildings that may require rare materials – Notre Dame’s restoration is a fine example of this.

Yet, regardless of the price, every building will inevitably need touching up. Maintenance remains a necessity. But just why is this the case?

Why carry out building maintenance?

There are many reasons to be proactive in maintaining a building.

Firstly, it’s more cost-effective. Routine maintenance catches problems before they have a chance to grow out of control. In this light, regular maintenance is best seen as an investment. It ensures that deterioration doesn’t devalue the building over time.

Similarly, if the exterior of a building is in disrepair, then it’s likely that it’s a less-effective barrier against the elements. Therefore, the building will be less energy-efficient, costing more money to maintain the same temperature and leaving a larger carbon footprint.

Then there’s safety. Irregular check-ups can allow mild issues to go unnoticed in the short term and result in severe – even life-threatening – problems in the long term.

So, you need to do a maintenance check-up. What are the main things that you should keep an eye out for? You’ll need to thoroughly inspect your building inside and out. Read our list of essentials below.

Building interior

  • Examine floors, ceilings and walls for signs of deterioration
  • Check for evidence of leaks
  • Inspect for safety hazards, such as electrical hazards, and slip, trip or fall hazards
  • Check the functionality of toilets, showers, baths and sinks
  • Test all fire alarms, fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment
  • Check that all doors operate properly
  • Inspect locks
  • Check for insect and pest infestation
  • Make sure that shelving is secure
  • Use socket testers to check that sockets are functioning properly
  • Check all lighting for proper installation and function
  • Inspect plumbing regularly
  • Always investigate leaks or unusual sounds
  • Lubricate bearings in circulation pump systems
  • Inspect couplings

Building exterior

  • Check the condition of the paint and walls
  • Check the building foundations
  • Look for broken windows, doors and railing
  • Inspect the roof (and use fall protection while doing so)
  • Test drains and gutters on the roof by flushing them with water
  • Look for roof penetrations
  • Examine the condition of the pavement and any driveways
  • Check the condition of any fencing

Maintenance doesn’t have to be your favorite job, but all the same, it needs to be done. Follow our checklist of essentials above to keep your building sound and healthy.