10 Tips To Renovate Your Living Room

The living room is the most used room of your house, it’s the zone where you entertain the guests, unwind yourself after a long day, mingle with your family over meals, gather the kids for their homework or movie nights.

Here are a few tips to help you get started on renovating your living room.

1. Enhance Character With Trim Work

You can make your living room stand out from the rest of the house with the help of customised trim work. The possibilities with the trim work are endless too, you can enhance with it your ceiling, fireplace, doorways, windows and so on.

Carvings and patterns of a trim work can transform any ordinary place into an extraordinary one, it adds a touch of elegance and class. If you are a minimalist or aren’t inclined towards decorative trim works, you can also get simple wood frames for your desired areas.

2. Establish Illusion Of Space

Your living room must be spacious considering the number of activities and gatherings it will satisfy. Upon entering the room you shouldn’t feel confined.

If you cannot invest in expanding the living room, then you should create a faux space. You can establish an illusion of space with the following techniques:

  • Go monochrome or paint all the walls white, including the ceiling. This makes the room appear spacious.
  • Place a ceiling-to-floor mirror opposite to a window, as mirrors reflect light this will create an illusion of an airy and bright room.
  • Don’t overcrowd with large and heavy pieces of furniture.
  • Install built-in storage shelves to minimise clutter.

Apart from these, there are many ways to create a larger space, do your research, ask your designers and make your living room feel airy and spacious.

3. Let In The Light

If your living room lacks natural lighting, it won’t be alive. Many homeowners aren’t aware of the amazing effect natural lighting can bring into your room. To accomplish this, replace your windows which block the light with new large and wide glass windows to maximise daylight in the room.

You can install a skylight in a particular spot of the room also, such as the dining area to enjoy a bright and happy lunchtime with friends and family.

4. Choose The Best Flooring

Flooring is another element which gives personality to your normal living room. Get a wooden flooring for a classic and grandeur appearance while making the room seem larger without compromising the colour scheme for the rest of your room since wooden flooring, of any type, is neutral and blends easily with any colour scheme.

If you want to floor for the comfort of your foot, then choose a carpet. You can lay a lush, vibrant rug complementary to your furniture or a mellow neutral one, to draw attention to other aspects of the room. Whatever your choice may be, carpet flooring will give your living room a refined and homey look.

5. Create A Vibe With The Wall Paint

The choice of your paint sets a vibe for the living room. Colours impact our energies depending on their intensity, for instance, blue tones create a relaxed and calming vibe whereas, purple tones create a mysterious yet luxurious feel.

Because the living room receives the most attention compared to the rest of the house, the colour scheme you choose for your living room walls must be perfect and complementary to your decor, furniture and the theme.

6. Create A Focal Point

A focal point draws the attention of people when they enter the living room and an extra feature which accentuates your living room is a great way to make the room more inviting. In most houses, the fireplace is the focal point and expresses warmth and homeliness and if you want to make a home out of our house, then check out these amazing home decoration ideas to achieve the same.

7. Dress Your Windows

Whether to dress your windows in curtains or not, remains as the most debatable aspect of a house. But, leaving the windows bare can make the living room appear incomplete. You don’t know the enhancing impact a curtain has over the living room unless you drape them over your windows.

There are many curtain options to dress your windows in, you can get ceiling-to-floor length curtains to give the room an elegant and royal touch or opt for a sheer, lightweight, light-coloured curtains to get abundant natural light.

8. Accessorise Your Walls

If your living room has wide and long walls, then you must give them life too. You can and should accessorise the walls of your living room for an added attractive feature.

Invest in unique art pieces which compliment the theme of your living room and hang it above the main couch in a triptych pattern or place a large statement mirror above the mantlepiece and so on.

9. Use Indoor Plants

Your living room is supposed to be lively and this can be achieved with the help of indoor plants or artificial plants if you cannot commit to taking care of a living plant.

Plants hanging in pretty containers held with ropes in a specific corner of the living room or kept on a tabletop or beside the couch have the power to make your room appear alive and fresh.

10. Upgrade Your Furniture

Instead of purchasing a new set of furniture, revamp your old furniture and give it a new life. Not only doing so makes for an economical renovating project, but you can also customise the furniture fabric and paint as you like to compliment the living room and match with its theme.

If you don’t have a fireplace, then you can make the television set as your focal point or get an amazing piece of painting or sculpture and strategically place it so it becomes the centre of attention.

Your living room should be kept alive and exciting and we hope you find the above tips useful for your next living room renovation project.