10 Benefits of Renting Construction Trucks

The truck rental business is a relatively new market but has a lot of potential. A lot of companies are renting construction trucks to reduce costs involved in operating heavy machinery. Given below are 10 reasons why you should consider renting a construction truck instead of purchasing one.

1. Adapt Your vehicle To Different Operations

When you rent a truck, you get the opportunity to choose a model which can be adapted to the kind of project or task you want to undertake. For example, if you want to perform rock breaking and lifting with the same truck, you can choose a model which is capable of the required attachments.

Rental services are thus useful for operations which require flexible and versatile construction trucks. Flex Fleet offers from a ½ ton pickup to a  1½ ton flatbed truck for rental. You can rent their commercial vehicles for various transportation purposes.

2. Smoother Operations

If your construction truck breaks down suddenly or stops working efficiently due to unforeseen circumstances, it can delay the project. If you have a deadline this can turn out to be an even bigger problem. Renting a truck can help avoid such unexpected circumstances. Regular checkups are always done and service teams are always available when you need them. This can help conserve your time and money as well as ensure operations to proceed smoothly.

3. Eliminate Expensive Fuel Costs

Construction trucks are heavy duty trucks and consume significantly more fuel than other vehicles. Fuel prices are constantly rising and it can be quite expensive to keep your truck fueled all the time. While rentals do take fuel prices into account, you don’t have to take responsibility of refueling the truck when needed.

4. Resale Of Used Equipment Can Be A Challenge

Resale of used construction trucks is a challenge which many owners face. There is no consistency in the demand and the owner has no assurance of getting a good return. While making a huge investment in a new truck, you have to consider the risk of getting a much lower return since market prices are constantly changing. The risk is even greater if your truck is an old model which does not meet the requirements of new and updated machinery.

5. No Room For Regrets

It doesn’t matter how much you know about a truck or how popular it is. You will never be fully confident in your purchase until you test its performance. If you are doubtful about whether a truck can carry out specific project requirements, rent one first. You will get a better understanding of its capabilities and will be able to check whether it is suitable for the task at hand. You don’t want to purchase a new truck and find out that it doesn’t meet your expectations.

6. No Need For Long Term Storage

Having proper storage space for your truck is more important than you think. There are many difficulties in providing and maintaining a storage area for your truck. Land and space are expensive. There are many costs involved in their maintenance and upkeep.

Further you have to ensure proper storage conditions since your truck is susceptible to degradation if exposed to extreme temperatures or climates. When it comes to rentals you have nothing to worry about. Everything ranging from storage to transport of the truck to the site is handled by the rental company.

7. Avoid The Hassle Of Expensive Maintenance

Many people underestimate the amount of time and money which goes into maintaining a truck. You have to frequently change the engine oil and filter. Other fluids like the engine coolant, power steering fluid and brake fluid have to be checked. You have to rotate and replace tyres when needed. There might also be wiring along with other additional repairs. You can rid yourself of all these responsibilities when you rent a truck.

8. Compliance With Local Emission Standards

Every state has certain emission standards which must be strictly followed. Since trucks are a big culprit of air pollution, there are certain regulations laid down regarding the engine model requirements. For example, trucks with engines older than a certain year are not allowed to operate. Truck rental services ensure that their trucks meet all the safety and emission standards. They have the necessary permits and all their trucks meet the various requirements of the law regarding emission standards.

9. Expand Your Services

You cannot expand your services if your truck is limited to only certain operations. For example, you want to incorporate landscaping in your trucking business. If your existing truck model is not the best fit for landscaping, you can always count on rentals to provide you with the latest and best models of trucks suitable for landscaping. Instead of making another huge investment for another new truck, you can make use of a truck rental service.

10. Less Labor Demands

Owning and maintaining a truck requires a lot of labor. You might have to employ people for specific tasks like transportation to the site, storage or warehouse maintenance, cleaning the truck and installing new parts to name a few. With truck rental services you don’t have to bother with any labor intensive demands.


Check which rental plan is best for your company or business. It can be weekly or monthly depending on the kind of work. The service will inform you about the latest truck models and will help you choose the right one for your project.