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hi ppl,

m currently 8th sem ,

my faculty gone crazy within sum days dey told us to decide r thesis topics

so mine is health resort,

i wnt suggestions regarding d thrust area in this nd d architectural challenge in it...

i hv thought of building traditional structure with modern luxuries bt m nt gettng hw to proceed

nd hw to fulfil d demand of d teachers

pls help me regarding thrust area nd d architectural challenge..............plsssssssssss

reply .......hope for a help here......:(:(

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hi sappy...

i know wht tension is prevailing in our college...

for just desiding thesis topic.....

but i think thesis is wht we want to do..wht interest we have in....then why our teachers are in a hurry in just finalising the topic....and what if topic repeat also.. it hardly matters..coz after all the design and planning is going to be different ...